NIPT Extended


Highly affordable non-invasive prenatal test for trisomies 21, 18 und 13

The only non-invasive prenatal test for over 80 microdeletions

What is Eluthia’s NIPT Extended?

Our NIPT Extended, the PreviaTest®, is currently the most extensive screening option for genetic aberrations. This test is currently only available at BGI (Health) in Hong Kong, one of the world’s largest supplier of genetic tests. We are proud to offer you this test exclusively in Germany.


Syndromes PreviaTest screens for Option A Option B
Trisomy 21
Trisomy 18
Trisomy 13
Monosomy X (Turner Syndrome)
XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome)
XXX (Triple-X Syndrome)
XYY (Jacobs Syndrome)
Trisomy 9
Trisomy 16
Trisomy 22
22q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome
More than 80 additional Microdeletion/ Microduplication Syndromes
Report of Incidental Findings

Additionally, incidental findings will be reported. In microdeletions / microduplications small pieces of a chromosome are missing or the same piece is found twice. Most microdeletions are very rare and the carriers of such microdeletions can have heterogenous phenotypes, depending on many factors. The most common microdeletion affects chromosome 22, the reason why it is called 22q11.2 Microdeletion Syndrome.  The incidence rate is around 1 in 4,000 births.

With PreviaTest you can screen for most deletions and microdeletions as well as duplications and microduplications (currently over 80). It is estimated that deletions, microdeletions, duplications and microduplications occur in about 1 in every 1,000 newborns and that the incidence rate does not depend on the mother’s age. Frequent microdeletion syndromes include:

Region Selection of relevant syndromes Prevalence (up to)
Chromosome 1p36 deletion-Syndrom

How accurate is the NIPT Extended?

40 Studies confirm the high accuracy of the PreviaTest®.


T21, T18, T13 SCAs MDs
Detection rate
> 99 %
> 99 %
> 90 %
More than 5 million women worldwide have trusted the technology on which the PreviaTest is based!

Where is the test performed?

BGI Health (HK) Company Limited, Hongkong.

What about data security?

For transmission of patient data to another country it is essential to rule out a misuse of data. Therefore, the lab has been thoroughly audited. Multiple international validations and certificates (CLIA and ISO) as well as internal process guidelines prevent a misuse of data. Furthermore, the lab is subject to the European General Data Protection Regulation.

When can you expect the results?

The test results are usually available within 7 – 10 days.

Are there any test restrictions?

The test is only available for singleton pregnancies.

What are the possible results?

  • Low-risk result: low risk for your child to be affected by one of the screened syndromes.
  • High-risk result: heightened risk for your child to be affected by one of the screened syndromes.
  • No result: In very rare cases a result can not be generated because of various reasons. In these cases, please talk to your doctor about the further cause of action.

We express our recommendation of Ultrasound as an important part of prenatal care.

PreviaTest screens for fetal chromosomal aberrations. It complements the ultrasound of your physician and does not replace the ultrasound in any case.

Remember, it is always important to consult a qualified healthcare professional before taking any genetic test to make sure you fully understand the conditions being tested for. PreviaTest is a screening test: If the test result shows a high risk for a screened condition, it is recommended to have a diagnostic test for confirmation.

Please consider that non-invasive prenatal testing can be appropriate for you but at the same time unsuitable. Before having non-invasive prenatal testing, you should consult a qualified healthcare professional to make sure you fully understand all the relevant risks, diagnoses, therapy options and possible consequences and medical concerns.


Established Quality

PreviaTest corresponds to BGI’s NIFTY and NIFTYPro Test. Therefore, PreviaTest is certified by the following organisations:


PreviaTest Zertifikate Certificates

Where can I get PreviaTest?

Ask your gynecologist about PreviaTest. Show PreviaTest to your doctor using this info material.

Would you like us to talk to your doctor? Please fill out the following form:

I agree that the information/data I provide will be transmit and processed. Additional information concerning the data processing are available under our terms of use.

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4 BGI- internal data: Internal analysis shows a detection rate above 90 % (percentage of cell free placental DNA cfDNA of 9,5% on average in the cell free DNA) for specific deletions with a size bigger than 3 Mb.

[*] Wei Wang et al. (2015) Non‐invasive prenatal testing for trisomies 21, 18 and 13: clinical experience from 146 958 pregnancies, Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

[**] Die Proben wurden zwischen Januar 2011 und August 2013 abgenommen. Die Studie wurde im Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology veröffentlicht. Die obigen Daten stellen eine Kombination von klinischer Studie und Labordaten dar.

Der PreviaTest® wird in unserem Partnerlabor BGI Health (HK) Co., LTd. (im Weiteren: BGI) in Hongkong durchgeführt. Er entspricht der NIFTY® Test Technologie.

NIFTY® ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen von BGI. BGI ist eingetragen in: 16 Dai Fu Street, Tai Po, Hongkong.

PreviaTest® ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen der Eluthia GmbH: Siemensstr. 7, 35394 Gießen, Deutschland.

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