Our goal is to put the human being at the centre of our actions by helping people take more responsibility for their own health. For this purpose, we develop and distribute diagnostic products that detect genetic syndromes at an early stage in order for health care professionals to be able to treat the associated symptoms in good time. Our special focus is on pregnant women and their children. Families with a child affected by a disorder have a great need for information. We want to support these families and provide them with solid information in direct contact. These important activities are bundled in our EluthiaCare program.


In recent years, the number of diagnostic tests has risen sharply. Current developments will cause this increase to continue explosively. As a result, many doctors will lose track of the new diagnostic options and opportunities will be lost. The positive consequence will be that people will increasingly see themselves as responsible for taking care of their own health. Maintaining health rather than restoring it is becoming increasingly important. The increasing availability of knowledge about the personal genotype for each individual will allow us to take more effective measures to preserve or improve our health. Diagnostic procedures that will identify harmful factors and developments as early as possible will help reduce morbidity and mortality and improve the quality of life.

What the names stand for

The name “Eluthia” is derived from the name of the goddess of birth, Eileithyia or Eleuthia from Greek mythology. It means “the one coming to the rescue …“. In addition, it is phonetically similar to the English word “elucidate”, which means to enlighten or explain, and points to our diagnostic tests that help shed light on the underlying cause of certain diseases. The name “PreviaTest” contains the Latin syllable “pre” (before) and “via” (way). The name reflects that important steps can be taken before birth, which decisively influence the life of the child.

Eileithyia (right) and Hera (left) help Zeus with the birth of Athena from his head.

The name “ProviaTest” contains the Latin syllables “pro” (for )and again “via” (way). It underscores the fact that early knowledge of genetic factors enables parents to support and optimally foster their child throughout their lives.

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